Our Wedding Souvenir

A mini tart as a wedding souvenir

Top View, there is our photos ;)

Fuihh, finally my dream came true. ..
I had made all the souvenir on my wedding by myself. It took 3 months to make all of this. One by one I created the chocolate tart, every piece of it chocolate flakes, every little strawberry and every strawberry leave. And I also made the plastic box by my self. I cut every single plastic to create this chocolate box. Don't you believe it? Really, all of this were made by my hand.

Finnaly all of my hardwork was over. My souvenir would not be any twin in this world :D coz I made it by my self. Let me proud of myself (narcism mode on :p )

I hope someday I will realize my dream to have my own craft center in my home town to dispense my hobbies. I make a wish for it!!


shinta saja said...

Wow.. you have a nice souvenier for ur wedding...

KoRika said...

nice works sis..:)