Little dress for little princess ^^

After struggling with creating kids dress pattern, finally I could finished this dress for my niece, Jesselyn. It was fun enough to create dress for kids. Cos the pattern was simple and small. I take the pattern from "Asyiknya Menjahit" published by Gramedia, but I was very disappointed with that book, the book printed the wrong size at many pages. I had to modify the size often, especially on the sleeve. I think I should learn how to create correct pattern from my sister and not learn from book published in Indonesia (I would rather choose imported book, it is always reliable), cos she takes a sewing course.

Butterfly Card

See my beautiful butterfly on my pergamano, it's 3D butterfly and 3D stippling flower ^^
It's quite time consuming to make the spider-web and the curve around the card.

The pattern was taken from Martha Ospina's book "Parchment Craft" with green cover.

Flower Power Bag :)

I am proudly presenting you my newest bag ;)
Tra.. da...

What do you think?? ;)
Don't you want to order it this cutie, girly bag? ^^


I'm so surprise when watching this embroidery video..
I'm so jealous with the skill of the man behind the machine...
So fast.. but the result is awesome...
It looks so easy, but I'm sure it is not an easy as it look likes :D

And this is another video from Terry White that inspired my to learn more and more about embroidery. Now I know.. that sewing is an addicted hobby. when you know a little how to sew, then you would want to know more and more..

Scottie Dog hand bag

Hey, I have finished my latest sewing project.. Don't you want to see? ;)
There is a Scottie dog as an applique. The color of the dog is not match enough I think, it's too pale. I added ruffles to add attractiveness of this bag.
This small bag can be used for wallet or phone.

Little purse for coins

My Singer 1130

Here is my sewing machine which I brought from Jogjakarta-Indonesia to Ho Chi Minh-Vietnam... This took a lot of effort to bring this 10kgs stuff on the aircraft cabin on every transit... exhausting... But now this stuff has became my new passion. Yeah, SEWING, SEWING, and SEWING

And tra.. da.... This is my first project of sewing with my new Singer sewing machine. I think this is not bad (isn't it? :p) for the first trial since I don't have any background in sewing.. :). And I tell you my big secret, I dream to take sewing course and fashion school in Paris hahaha... **just hoping, hoping, and hoping**

Baby Girl Card

This hand made card can be a personal way to announce the baby girl birth.
The pattern is taken form Parchment Craft book, by Martha Ospina.

Pergamano bookmark

Beautiful pergamano bookmark for your bible or books :)
The pattern is taken from Parchment Craft by Martha Ospina.

Pergamano Paper Basket

Another Pergamano craft..

Pergamano bookmark

Pergamano bookmark for your bible, novel, or anybook you read.